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About Corner Bike Shop

As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, personal excellence, continual improvement, and mutual respect.

We are committed to our customers, partners, employees and community and hold ourselves accountable by honoring our commitments and striving for the highest level of quality products and services.

We are passionate riders who embrace change, social responsibility and environmental issues and believe that the core to our successful business is happy customers being exceptionally served.


Drew Mitchell Shop Manager

Drew loves bikes.  He loves everything about them.  He loves how they look, what they do for your health, how they make you feel inside, what they do for society.  He wants to make your experience on a bike the absolute best it can be, plain and simple.


Jon Porterfield

 Jon P was born a century too late, in a past life he was a pennyfarthing racer who always came in second.  Nowadays, he rides a fixie around town and to work, and gets out on the weekends to mash around the mountains on his Trance at roughly 8 zillion miles per hour.  He is a mechanic, chili dog connoisseur, and excellent cuddler.  He knows how to fix pretty much any bike ever, he rides like a boss, and he makes babies smile.  He is a bicycle advocate, and works with iCan Bike, a program to help individuals with disabilities learn to ride independently. 

Chris Kaufman


Chris Kaufman was born to ride.  When he was born the doctor slapped his butt and he cried out “BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPP!!!”  That has been his battle cry to this day.  He is fast on a mountain bike, and is really talented at taking pictures.  He likes to talk way too much, just ask him about anything and you will understand what I mean.  Like dang, shut this guy up!  Ask Him about politics, bicycle racing, or anything really, and you will get quite the earful.  This guy is a windbag!  I mean, one time I wanted to go to the bathroom and he talked to me for so long that I almost peed my pants.  When I told him I had to go pee he still couldn’t stop talking and sat at the door continuing his endless dissertation on the difference between a porter and a stout, which was weird because you can’t get either in a Gluten free variety that doesn’t taste like gutter water.  This guy.


Johnnie Garrett


Johnnie “Johnnie Jeeze” Garrett is a prodigy of sorts.  New on the cycling scene, he is an impressive mix of speed, musical talent, and philosophical beauty.  We don’t really know where his talent came from, but he is a special creature.  Johnnie was born in northern Iceland to unknown parents, and at roughly 8 months was found, abandoned, sitting next to a fuel pump at a gas station outside Reykjavic.  He was quoted saying “think this is cold?  I’ll show you cold!”  From then on he wanted nothing to do with civilization.  He spent the majority of his time away from his school and adopted parents in the outdoors, pondering the mysteries of the universe.  He had had enough of the sparse Icelandic society, and at 12, decided the time had come to become a free man.  He walked off into the barrens, headed for the east coast of Iceland.  He was never seen again.

Until now.   Johnnie wandered into our shop, scraggly and worn from years of travel around the world, and sat with us for a while.  He told us of a great vision he had while traveling.  On a mountain in the Himalayas, after 4 months of sitting in meditation, he was briefly visited by shining, omniscient beings from another planet.  They gave him three pieces of advice. 

One, be kind. 

Two, be patient. 

Three, love bicycles. 

This is his mantra.  This is his purpose.  We are blessed by his presence.


Andrew Kelly

 AK is a great dude.  He loves working on bikes, eating seaweed paper, and talking about the Tour de France.  He loves to put anybody on any bike.  He loves to fix bikes.  He loves talking about racing, about parts, about anything bike related.  He also has a bionic arm, but don’t ask him about it because he just gets all quiet and weird.