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Best Bike Apps


Whether you are riding for the first time, just getting back into cycling or have been a cycling enthusiast for years, technology has provided some pretty robust apps for your Apple or Android phones. We have focused on a few of the top rated apps including some of their unique features.

Map My Ride

Map My Ride is very much an all in one app that records a plethora of riding data from 24/7 activity graph including weight, nutrition, sleep and workout. Their workout stats include pace, route, distance, calories burned, elevation profile and more. It’s extensive mapping features will not only get you to your destination but back home again. It will also connect via Bluetooth to a heart or cadence monitor providing real time health and riding information. The app can connect with more than 400 devices and share important data for tracking. You can also sync your account with other health and nutrition apps like MyFitnessPal or Apple Health. The app is free to download but there are large ads to avoid. The Map My Ride MVP (ad-free) subscription is available at $5.99 monthly or $29.99 annually.


This is not just your normal data recording application. Similar to others of its kind, this app will strive to challenge even the most dedicated cycling enthusiast by not only recording your cycling statistics but comparing the stats from other cyclist who are on the app. You can find routes that other cyclist have created and view your activity map as you record your rides. The app collects and stores heart rate, power and cadence data from Bluetooth LE sensors. The Strava Leaderboard will continue to motivate you as it allows you set your own personal records and see how you stack up compared to cycling friends both locally and abroad. Strava’s realtime feed will share your capabilities through their online community as well as social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Though the app is free, premium and advanced tracking features are available with Strava Premium at $5.99 monthly or $59.99 annually.

Wahoo Fitness

Similar to other workout tracker apps, Wahoo Fitness can connect with it’s own custom sensors that can track heart rate and stride rate data, cycling speed, cadence and power data. Syncing it with your heart rate allows you to establish individual settings within workout profiles. Wahoo enables you to share the data, including all of the metrics, with other fitness sharing sites including HealthKit, Strava, Ride with GPS, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, MMF, Magellan, MyFitnessPal, Nike+, dailymile and Dropbox.


Works well mounted on the handlebars and has all the data recording needed but can put a drain on your cell phone. Easy to use graphing interface shows current speed, average speed, distance, elevation, ascent and descent. You can swipe across the stopwatch to see configurable pages of stats, maps and graphs. You can view your workouts on a calendar and organize them by routes and activities. There is a small map at the top to show where you currently are. There is also an interval workout section that allows you to pre-program sections with time sprints or chose from the preset options already programmed. It stores an unlimited number of workouts with years worth of workout data taking minimal space on your phone. You can upload to Strava or share with social media when you’re done. There is a free app available but you can upgrade to the paid version should it be what you are looking for.


Great for beginners or those social cyclists, this simple program can track routes, record stats and share workouts all from one simple app. Providing duration, speed, distance, heart rate and calorie information it also provides audio feedback for every mile. There is a full training diary, an audio coach to keep you challenge and even a social sharing feature that allows you to send and receive real-time audio pep talks from friends via social media. If you like to workout in groups you can share workout photos and tag your friends. The app is free but you can upgrade to Endomondo Premium for $29.99 annually.


These are only of a few of the wonderful apps available out there to assist you in this ride. Did we forget to mention one that you love? Why not share it with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


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