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Cycling Rules of the Road

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.30.57 PMWhat may seem like common sense to some, bike safety on the road is a serious subject all bikers should be aware of. Following cycling rules is important for the safety of both the biker and driver of a vehicle. Hand signals, bike gear, bike lanes and more all play a huge role in keeping the roads a safe.

With all the bikes on the road this time of year, we want to remind bikers of all experience levels the importance of road bike safety!

Let’s get rolling.

Hand Signals

Hand signals used by bikers is something that is often ignored, but very well shouldn’t be. We’re going to go over the basic rules that you should always be using when biking on the road.

Left turn – Extend your left arm straight out, horizontally.

Right turn – Extend your right arm straight out, horizontally, or put your left arm out and your forearm straight up.

Stop or slow – Extend your left arm out, and use your forearm to go straight downwards.

Hazard – Use your left or right arm to point down at the hazard depending on what side the hazard is on.

Pro tip: Use your mouth to make the “Ticka-ticka-ticka” blinker sounds.

Biking Gear

Your number one goal when deciding gear is safety and visibility. With that being said, always wear your helmet—no exceptions. In terms of visibility, equip your bike with lights and reflectors so drivers always have a way to see you in the lightest and darkest times of the day.

And when you drive down the road and see bikers wearing obnoxious colors, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s a great way for you to notice them. As a biker you want to wear colors that stand out. Try neon green, blue, pink, yellow…you get the point.

Lane Position

Similar to vehicles, you must always ride in the right side of the road, preferably in the bike lane. If the right side is too crowded, bikers are allowed to use road lane for better visibility. Always be aware of parked cars and whether you are safe to pass closely by.

And this may sound like common sense, but don’t swerve in your lane. It will help you stay on track and will also help drivers maneuver around you.

Obey Traffic Laws While on Your Bike

Even though bikes don’t have motors, they are still considered a vehicle on the road. That means you still need to obey traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, and other road signs. Always use bike lanes when given, not the sidewalk. Depending on what city you live in, biking on the sidewalk can be illegal.

Other Biking Tips to Consider

  • Putting a mirror on your bike or helmet.
  • Never use your phone while biking.
  • Check your bike for problems before riding.
  • Carry a small toolkit in case of a mishap.
  • Avoid listening to music while riding.

Have any other cycling tips you would like to share? Leave us a comment below.

Riding a bike on the road comes with many benefits and responsibilities. It seems that more and more people are riding bikes to save gas, get a workout, or simply soak up the feeling of speeding down the street.

We hope this blog made you want to get out and ride a bike. Just remember to be safe, cautious, and have fun!

If you have any other questions, need a part, or want to share stories, come by Corner Bike Shop—we would love to help you get out there are enjoy the beautiful weather!

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