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How to Get the Most Out of National Bike Month

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National Bike Month was started in 1956 and is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. It was created to promote the benefits of riding a bike and to encourage people to bike more.
There are many ways to participate in National Bike Month this May of 2015, with the easiest being taking your bike out for a ride.

Step 1: Finish reading this blog post.
Step 2: Get on you bike and ride!

Ready? Let’s go:

National Bike to Work Week

This challenge runs from May 11-15, and requires you to ride your bike to work 5 days in a row. More than half of the American population lives within 5 miles from their workplace. Trust us: you’re going to love the alert feeling you get from using your leg muscles and pumping oxygen into your body in the morning. This may just inspire you to bike to work more often!

Pro tip: Leave a little early so that you can arrive a little early to work for a 10 minute cool down period. And bring an extra shirt!

National Bike to Work Day

If you are unable to commit to a full week of commuting on a bike, you can still participate by biking to work on one day—May 15th. No matter the city, you are bound to see someone riding their bike to work on this one day. Even though it is only one day, you are still promoting a healthier and more sustainable way to get to work. Make your casual Friday even more casual by cruising into to work on your bicycle on May 15th!

Pro tip: Post your ride on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #NationalBikeToWorkDay. Internet Fame—achievement unlocked!

The National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event where thousands of participants track their miles ridden on a bike. The challenge runs from May 1to September 30, and aims to encourage participants to ride a bike whenever possible during this time. Also, this challenge allows users to compete on a local, state, and national level. Win prizes, share accomplishments, and be part of a team dedicated to a good cause. Register at the National Bike Challenge website.

Pro tip: Look over the challenges and check off as many as you can—it’s surprisingly fun and addicting.

Sacramento Bike Month

If you are wanting to compete and participate on a local level, the Sacramento Region is putting on the 2015 May is Bike Month. Starting with the Bike Month Kick-Off event on May 1st, this month long series allows local cities, teams, schools, and companies to track miles ridden and to compete against each other. Find more information and registration details at http://www.mayisbikemonth.com/index1.asp.

Pro tip: Here is Corner Bike Shop’s page—try and beat our miles!

Ride Your Bike

Of course, you can simply enjoy National Bike Month by riding a bike more often! Optimal biking weather gives you an excellent opportunity to burn calories, save money, help the environment, and enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Going to the store? Grab a backpack and hop on your bike!

Commuting to work? Stash a shirt and hop on your bike!

Don’t have a bike? Come into Corner Bike Shop!

May provides an opportunity for thousands to explore the joy and benefits of riding a bike. However, National Bike Month is far more than just a month long event—this event was created to inspire and motivate Americans across the country to ride bikes more, and we couldn’t be more supportive.

Need to get your bike tuned? No problem. Looking to buy your first bike? We got you covered. Whatever you need to get rolling, Corner Bike Shop will help get you ready for National Bike Month.

Looking for ways to participate around Yuba City? Visit the Bike Yuba City website for news, event dates, and to get connected with other bikers in the area.

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