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The Corner Bike Shop—Welcome to the Family

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? The rush of adrenaline when you discovered YES you could, and the feeling that comes with the wind rushing across your face.

A bicycle is unlike a car or other vehicle, it’s a uniquely connected mode of transportation. The bike is a personal, symbiotic relationship. It’s only natural that the people looking after your bike should also share a personal connection.
DSC_0294At Corner Bike Shop, we have built our business around that personal connection. We’re here for the individual. The majority of businesses and corporations today are looking to rely on conveniences and technology to get them more sales, by any way possible. This removes themselves from the customer. Driven by the quest for higher sales, the faster they can whip out orders the better—anything and everything to increase that bottom line is, in their mind, a step forward for their business.

For us, steps forward come in the way of meeting new customers. Taking the time to deliver the best kind of service to that customer, so that they want to come back. Our vision of success is not based on sales, but instead on the number of return customers, the epitome of success is making you a customer for life.

Over the years we’ve built a great community, between our employees, friends, neighbors, and fellow bike enthusiasts. What our community offers is something no website or department store can compete with– a personal standard of care. We’ll get to know you and your needs, so we can ensure you choose the very best bike to fit those needs.

We know the best brands in the business, which components and accessories will fit your needs. Whether a serious rider or casual cruiser, we’ll tailor that recommendation to you. You can’t beat a local bike shop—come in and let us welcome you to the family. After all, a bike certainly becomes a part of your family.

When you buy a bike from Corner Bike Shop, you become part of the family, and we look out for family for life. Got a question? Come on in! Got a tack in your tire? Bring it in and we’ll take a look.


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